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Watershed Solar Development provides innovative landfill and brownfield solar energy solutions integrated with ClosureTurf®, a patented engineered geosynthetic turf closure system owned by Watershed Geosynthetics®.

Watershed Solar Development is licensed and authorized nationwide to install solar energy systems on ClosureTurf, and to market and install PowerCap™. PowerCap is patent-pending solar technology that maximizes project value because it:

  • Is geotechnically engineered and wind tunnel tested on ClosureTurf.
  • Provides a direct attachment to ClosureTurf with no penetrations.
  • Requires little or zero ballast, depending on configuration.
  • Has design flexibility with tilt and flush-mount options.
  • Can be installed on steep slopes, including 3:1 or greater.
  • Achieves industry-best power density per area.
  • Enables fast and flexible installation.
  • Works with Tier 1 solar modules.

Watershed Solar Development provides peace of mind to new and existing ClosureTurf site owner/operators due to its geotechnical engineering expertise. The company prioritizes a “Do No Harm” strategy to ensure the long-term integrity and performance of ClosureTurf.

The Watershed Solar Development team likewise has a broad base of solar energy experience with public and private customers for on-site, virtual off-site, and community solar power purchase arrangements.

Contact Us directly using the form below, by phone, or through your ClosureTurf sales representative to learn how Watershed Solar Development can provide the best available solar energy solution for your site.


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